China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 13

We don’t usually get sunsets here in Chengdu, nor sunrises.  At least not in the way you may think of them in other places.

The photo above is proof though that sometimes miracles do happen and the sun does shine once in awhile.  Today we saw blue skies and real clouds.  I saw the view from our balcony clearly for the first time since we moved in.  The air was clean and clear and didn’t make my throat hurt.

It. was. unbelievably. beautiful.  A perfect day.

Having Chris’ family here with us for the last week or so has made me realize how much I really do enjoy living in Chengdu.   There’s something about sharing a new city with people who are even newer than you are that makes everything start to feel more familiar.

Sort of like going on your first trip away from a new home.  It’s not quite home until you have to leave and then get to come back.

Chengdu is growing on us and with a few more sunsets and days like today, I think I’ll only learn to love it more.


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