China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 12

Before we get to the photo of the day, I wanted to put up a few from a few days ago.  These are a few photos that I took before that legendary dinner at Mr. Yu’s Family Kitchen.

We were waiting on a street corner for everyone else to arrive (as is often the case, they were actually already at the restaurant, waiting for us to arrive) and I passed the time by taking a few shots.

The photo above is interesting to me in the context of this next one that I took:

At first I thought this one, with the woman’s profile exposed was the better shot.  Faces are better than backs right?

The more I looked though, the more I realized I like the top photo better.  There’s more motion, more interesting ambiguity-even though they are essentially the same shot-taken within seconds of one another.

Just goes to show that there’s always more to learn and that this little photo-a-day project of mine is, slowly but surely, yielding some new insights for me.

Here is one more from that day:

I just liked this one because you can obviously see what’s going on.  Son is joking energetically with father about crossing the street quickly and father is just like “whatever dude.”

At least that is how it goes in my head.  What is your take on the story here?  Let me know in the comments.

Tonight we will either enjoy a rare dinner at home or head out for some fun vegetarian Chinese food.  Tomorrow morning I’m making my sister-in-law some good old fashion American breakfast and then it’s time to celebrate my father-in-law’s upcoming birthday with some hardcore fish and salad indulgence at the best buffet in town.  He’s turning 25, by the way, in case anyone’s asking. 🙂

Before I bid you all adieu, here’s a photo from today:

My mother-in-law went to a whole-sale food market and came back with 24 pounds of walnut and ginger candy.  Delicious.  The ginger candy is just what you would think (ginger-y) but the walnut candy was a bit of a pleasant surprise.  It’s chewy, not too sweet, and very satisfying.  I know what I’ll be getting to hand out when Halloween rolls around.


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