China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 11

Short post tonight due to a wild and highly contested scrabble game that ensued post Hot Pot dinner.  The Dumm family battled one another with high spirits and questionable word choices.  It was fun but now its past our bedtimes.

Tonight we took the family for some real Chong Qing Hot Pot.  It was hot, spicy, and totally satisfying.

To cool down our burning tongues and numb and tingling lips, we sipped on some of this lovely substance.  There’s milk, there’s soy, there’s the essence of peanuts.  Beyond that I can’t tell you much but I know it tastes good and does wonders for those who overdose on the addicting Ma La spices.

Sweet dreams to all (or Good Morning to everyone in the Western Hemisphere).  Wish me luck tomorrow…I’ll be at a real job interview in the afternoon…


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