China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 10

Those are edible paintbrushes with meat bun filling.  One of only 30 courses we were served at a lovely dinner at Mr. Yu’s Family Kitchen.

Don’t let the “Family Kitchen” bit fool you.  This was high cuisine and whimsical gastronomy-Sichuan style.

I’d post more pictures and info now but we had a post-dinner downpour that left everyone soaked and craving a hot toddy and some bedtime.  Right now, bedtime involves Dumm family members on the couch in this room so I’m going to sign off for now but I promise the full foodie and photo download tomorrow.

Ohhhh I love Sichuan food.  I love 30 courses.  I love fun rifts on old classics.  I love a good meal with great company.

Tune into tomorrow for the full story in all its glutinous and gluttinous details.


One thought on “China in Photos: Day No. 10

  1. Sez you:
    >I hope I can keep the informative China posts coming for you. Do let me know if there is anything you are especially curious about and I can hopefully write more about that!

    Sez me:
    – Thank you, Danielle, for kindly offering to report on your viewer’s choice! I’m gonna skip the suggestions because you write about things I don’t even think about. Which is what makes reading your blog educative as well.

    >Dear Chloé, thank you so much for your comment, your words and wishes are so kind and they made my day! Chris is so special to me and it’s nice that other people think he is too.
    – About you and Chris. Truth is, you both reflect what my husband and I had over the five years we dated (we both were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend…aww!) and the seven years we were married. Then, Fate intervened. Twelve years together, and our ardour hadn’t dulled in the least because we still behaved like love struck teens, as our colleagues described us. Like you both, the trick that kept us glowing was revelling in the small stuff. For example, how you walk home with Chris on his way back from work, bake munchies for his colleagues, acknowledge the smallest snarl in his path (i.e. driving a stick shift as successfully as he did the first time). I think couples tend to get caught up in the commercial versions of a relationship and neglect the tiny, but critical aspects that help a couple bond solidly. Sadly, my husband and I didn’t see a lot of that in the couples around us at work and play, which is why I am so very happy for you and Chris. Now, seven years after my life turned upside down, I am on my feet again, with heart back in place and *gulp* contemplating a second innings after a brilliant first run in the field of dating, and eventually marriage. It was something my husband and I had discussed and promised each other should one of us “leave” before the other.

    Out of sheer oversight, I forgot to mention that I enjoy your culinary capers just as much. Even better is how you openly share your kitchen secrets. I just don’t get the “it’s a family secret” mentality towards recipes. Why do people feel threatened if they part with a popular recipe? Why don’t they look at sharing those recipes as opportunities to light up even more people’s lives?

    Keep doing your thang, Danielle, because you are doing one heckuva job, sista!

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