China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 7

This one might take some explaining.

That car?  That’s our new car.  It’s a 1997 Landrover.  It’s now our baby, our das beast.  It has a jack for a mini-fridge in the back.  Enough said, right?

That man in the orange shirt?  That’s my husband (1 year today baby!).  He would be the guy on top of the car trying to take down the spare tire.

Those men with the white shirts and white gloves?  They work at our building and saved our car and our “face” today when we found out that one 1997 Landrover with a spare tire on top will NOT fit down a car park ramp with only 2m of clearance.

Back to that guy on top of the car, who is also that guy in the picture above.

Today he managed to drive a tricky stick-shift, diesel engine Landrover down a 45 degree ramp and then REVERSE it back UP the ramp with 5 cars behind him a mere 2 feet off his bumper.  Oh, and there were about 15 people shouting at him in a combination of Mandarin and Sichuan Hua.

Not only did he manage to successfully reverse around the line of cars behind him and up the steep ramp without injuring the car, the car-park, or any of the helpful spectators; he also went out of his way to find the guys in white shirts and thank them profusely for helping him navigate the ramp, take care of the spare tire, and find a new parking space.

Oh yea, and he did this whole thing cool and calm to the end–not something I think I could have done in a million years.  He didn’t shout or get angry or wimp out.  He just kept trying, kept driving, and did it with a ton of grace.  His left leg was shaking a little from fighting with the clutch so hard, but he kept smiling even as the situation become a spectacle for the entire neighborhood.

A year ago today, that man made me the luckiest girl alive when he said some vows, slid a ring on my finger, and kissed me in front of 40 of our closest friends on the back porch of our Mt. Pleasant house.

Today he reminded me of why I am always so proud to be his wife.  He’s good, patient and kind.  And everyday he makes me happier than I knew was ever possible.

Wedding photos by Stephen Voss.  Check him out here.

Top photo by my awesome sister-in-law.


2 thoughts on “China in Photos: Day No. 7

  1. A day later, but heartfelt nonetheless – Congratulations Danielle and Chris!

    I read your blog regularly (now daily, and happily so, because of the Daily Photo) because I am learning about routine, everyday life in China; things that are impossible to experience when merely on a holiday.

    Danielle, I enjoy your unbridled affection towards Chris. Genuine, galore and glorious. It is plain to see that you both love each other deeply. The jaded may be tempted to brush off the gushing as “it’s still early days”, but to those I say, just, please…. love & let love? Like, seriously. There ought to be more smitten couples like you.

    Best wishes for many, many more years of the same!

    • Dear Chloé, thank you so much for your comment, your words and wishes are so kind and they made my day! Chris is so special to me and it’s nice that other people think he is too. I hope I can keep the informative China posts coming for you. Do let me know if there is anything you are especially curious about and I can hopefully write more about that!

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