China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 4

A few more photos from yesterday…

The next two shots were taken one-handed while balancing my lens cap on a giant Ikea comforter.  In retrospect one should really take photos the minute the inspiration seizes them, rather than say, on your way home from running errands, loaded down with giant bags of stuff in 100% humidity…

Electric scooters are the transportation choice of the masses here and everywhere you will see these rows of bicycles and scooters parked under the watchful eye of some low-wage guardian.  The poorest of the poor and those looking to stay fit still ride bicycles, but most day laborers drive some form of electric scooter instead.  The scooter is perhaps the status symbol of the lower to lower-middle class in Chengdu.

We own one as well but because it is the vehicle of the lower class, we are not allowed to park ours in the garage of our apartment building.  Can’t undermine the image of our parking garage I guess…


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