China in Photos

New Projects, Visitors, Rain & Snapping Out of Culture Shock

Pardon the random thoughts that are about to spew forth on this blog but I’m feeling the need for a little bit of housecleaning…or blog cleaning, I guess.  House-cleaning is something I prefer to save for a frantic 4:55pm dash right before Chris gets home from work. 🙂

So without further ado, here’s what’s on my brain this Monday morning:

New Project # 1: A Photo a Day Part of the reason I keep up this blog is to help Chris and I remember all of the fun experiences (and not so fun experiences) we have during our everyday lives.

The thing is, I tend to be a little too self-conscious to really lay it all out on this blog, the good, the bad, the boring, the ugly.  I have my reasons of course (for one, I’m pretty sure I’m related to most of the readers of this blog), but I do think my self-censorship could one day come back and bite me.

As in, “did I really just sit inside baking the whole time I was in China?  Did I ever go outside?”

The answer is, of course, I do go outside everyday and I see things and think things and look at things that never make it on to this blog, mostly because I am either too lazy to write about them or not sure if they will make it past my firewall friends.

So the solution?  A photo a day.  Cliche, I know but I don’t care.  If I won’t write about everything I see here in China, I can at least have photos around to job my memory for that profound and best-selling memoir I plan on writing when I’m 65.   From now on, I’m putting up a photo a day (today’s to follow in a 2nd post), whether I blog or not, whether the photo is pretty or not.  Unless of course I am on a fabulous Malaysian island without access to internet.  Then you will just have to forgive me until I make it up to you with lots of pretty pictures of beaches and sunshine.

New Project # 2: Freezer Foods I’ve been on a kick lately to embody that fabulous hostess that lives in my most ambitious domestic fantasies.

You know, that woman. The one with the casual but chic outfit and the recently washed and styled hair. The one with the tidy but casual home where everyone feels comfortable lounging on the couch with a glass of wine or opening the fridge for themselves (without being terrified by what they find).

This house and super domestic woman always smell great because there is always something tasty warming up in the oven to entice guests and cover up the unwholesome aroma of nearby construction.

Dirty bowls and flour prints on the walls are no where to be found though, and super domestic woman is perfectly calm and at ease because super domestic woman had the foresight to bake a bunch of wholesome goodies and flash freeze them.

Which brings us to project number 2.  Baking and flash-freezing like woah.

My in-laws will be with us for a few weeks and, though they might not know it yet, will be serving as the guinea pigs for my super domestic woman flash-freezing fantasies.  (That sounds like some sort of comic book doesn’t it?)  So far we’ve got whole-wheat bread, homemade english muffins, and cranberry cream scones in the freezer just waiting to be thawed out in time for a casual (but awesome) pre-tourism brunch some morning next week.  Next up: cookies, cookies, cookies (and maybe some cinnamon rolls and pop tarts).

I’ll share with you all of my hard-won knowledge about all of these goodies and how they work out post-thaw.

Visitors As in we will soon have them.  I’m sooo thrilled to have my in-laws here but will probably be taking some time away from the blog to hang out with them (besides my picture a day commitment of course)  Additionally, do you want to come visit us and eat delicious food and see cute panda bears?  You really, really should.

Rain It’s been raining for 3 days straight here and I LOVE it.  Rain makes sense in a place that is always cloudy, it makes me feel like there is a valid point to the lack of sunshine.  Not to mention, it really does wonders for the pollution in the air.  I don’t know if this is a natural rainstorm or not, but I really don’t care.  A rainy weekend beats a cloudy but dusty weekend in my book.

Snapping out of Culture Shock I spent a fair amount of time musing as to the source and remedies for the general crabbiness I was feeling towards China last week.  One thing I remembered is that when I lived in Chennai, I went through a similar phase when I was unable to get out of town for a few weeks.  As soon as I was able to do some exploring and see something new, all of the crabbiness and annoyance dissipated (mostly).  Likewise, I think the cure here is travel and exploration.  Again, I’m excited to have the in-laws coming to give me the perfect excuse (read: motivational kick in the arse) to go do all of the fun touristy things I haven’t done yet.

That’s all I have for now folks.  Stay tuned for photo of the day coming up soon.


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