And then there were no more boxes left to unpack…

We moved!  Suddenly!  We love the new place!  We have lots of stuff..and lots of big boxes!

When it comes to unpacking, I’m a full-court-press kind of girl.  I don’t like to stop until everything is put away, cleaned, and organized either according to frequency of use or alphabetical order.

What can I say?  I get high off of organizing whatever is in front of me.

Except for clothing.  For some reason, I just can’t figure clothes closets out.  Do you organize by length? occasion? season?

Or do you organize along a gradient from “never-to-be-worn-in-public except on emergency grocery store runs during which I pray not to run into anyone I know,” up to lunch-date with the girls, then business casual, all the way up to “why the hell did I buy this top when I only go out clubbing once every 3 years?”

And what do you do with belts and hats and all of that stuff?

I can organize a pantry with the best of them but solving the riddle of organizing our clothing remains one of life’s greatest enigmas to me.  I need some sort of materialistic, yuppie yogi or something to show me the way.

Anyways, moving feels good.

The place is good, the having-our stuff-again-thing is good, and the fact that I had the forsight to ship 30 pounds of cranberries and 10 pounds of chocolate chips in our consummables makes me feel like a rockstar.

I’ll post some pics of the place once we have pictures on the walls and crushed boxes out of the living room but for now, here are some of my favorite  finds of the whole unpacking/moving process:

My monkey is back in the kitchen! (does that sound dirty or just Curious George-esqe?)

We finally have a little arts and crafts and games corner in our cozy little new den (as well as a few stuff animal friends for some of our younger guests):

I’ve found Chris’ picture books from the 1970’s:

And my favorites:

Chris and his mom in Bangladesh.  I count this picture as one of the most precious things we own:

And Chris in high school:

And just to make up for that early 1990’s Saved by the Bell combover, here’s my handsome man almost one year ago at our 4th of July wedding:

last photo by Stephen Voss

Happy Weekend Everybody!


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