China in Photos

Chinese wearing Loincloths: On Watching the World Cup in China

Sorry for the blurry photo, but yup, that photo is of exactly what you think it is.  Several doormen at a trendy night club wearing loin clothes in honor of the first World Cup held on the African continent.  Yeaaaa………..

Hmmm, eeesh this is awkward, but China?  I’m pretty sure that dressing up in loincloths for World Cup theme parties is right up there with white folk wearing black face…

it is Just. Not. Cool.  At All.

And by the way, what’s with the feathers and the face paint?  I’m confused.  Are you trying to make fun of Africans or bad 1950’s American Western movies?

I get that this is a big country and most of the people here have little contact with the outside world, and so might not realize that there are plenty of places in South Africa, in Ghana, in Kenya, and across the continent that are just as developed or more so than China.

I get that in a country like China where like 99% of the population is ethnically homogeneous it might be hard to conceptualize or practice equality among different ethnicities, cultures and races.

I get that  maybe you sort of feel like as long as Europeans have that long awful colonial legacy and as long as plenty of Americans still think Africa is just one big country (true story), it’s ok if you too indulge in some ridiculous and insulting caricatures.

And fine, I understand that these two poor boys are standing outside a night club of dubious distinction, and as such they are probably not representative of China’s official views….

But oh wait, didn’t CCTV censor half of the opening ceremonies, replacing the opening dance and music numbers in South Africa with shots of Chinese performers wearing face paint and bad American Indian Halloween costumes?

Yea they did.  They really did.

China, I like you, I do, but seriously???


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