Fruit of the Day: Dragonfruit

dragon fruit
Is beautiful, flamboyant, wrapped in pretty packaging…and delicious.

The fruit is almost creamy, cool, just lightly sweet and refreshing.  Oh and studded through with thousands of addictive crunchy little black seeds.

And it’s a stunner. Sitting there in the market all done up in shades of fuchsia and neon green. It looks like something straight out of Hollywood. It looks what might happen if a street fruit seller in Hong Kong had some sort of nuclear collision with a neon light-up street sign and a dalmatian.

I kid, I kid. Dragon fruit is, however, native to Southern China… as well as parts of Australia, South America, Mexico, Southeast Asia and even Hawaii.  It’s actually a cactus fruit and supposedly helps the body rid itself of heavy metal toxins-something we are all too happy to do here in China.

dragon fruit

Besides cubing it and eating it plain, (which is delicious) dragon fruit doesn’t get a lot of other preparation around here, from what I can tell. At an upscale dim sum place our first weekend in town, I had a little piece of dragon fruit stuffed inside a pile of whipped cream and wrapped in mochi. That was sinfully delicious. Like, so wrong, but ohhh so right; like one should never consume that much pure dairy fat in one sitting ever again-delicious.

Anyways, seeing as how no one seems to bake with dragon fruit and seeing as how I’m feeling a little sorry for myself what with a lack of baking supplies, I would like to try and invent a baked good/dessert using dragon fruit.

Now should I make a quick bread? a cookie? a muffin? a sorbet? (the last one might have to wait until our ice cream maker arrives) Should I attempt a pudding or flan like item?

Let me know in the comments section if you have any opinions on the matter OR if you ever made something (ideally delicious) with dragon fruit. I’m eagerly awaiting your responses and until then I’m going to continue my research into the dragon fruit by ermm well, eating a lot of them while they are still around.


2 thoughts on “Fruit of the Day: Dragonfruit

  1. I love dragon fruit! Eating the inside straight from the shell with a spoon is delightful.

    If you could make a dragonfruit flan, wow, that would be amazing. Think of all the possibilities there are in adding another sauce on top of the flan, served in dragonfruit shell. I may be getting ahead of myself, but am excited for what you think up!

  2. Dragon fruit sorbet sounds wonderful – and would look great with those little black seeds. Hope your ice cream maker comes soon!

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