China in Photos

An Outing to He Hua Chi Wholesale Market

This whole sale market near the North train station in Chengdu is…fascinating.  Rows upon rows of panty hose, various undergarmets, hair accessories, polo shirts, pants, plastic buckets, giant stuffed animals, fabric, baby clothes, thermoses, belts, brooms, and knives.  You name it, they have it.  Mass-produced and plentiful.

Amidst all of the plastic and frilly polyester lace and stainless steel, we didn’t find any treasures, save for a delicious 3kuai bowl of cold noodles and some sliced watermelon on the side of the road.  I think its safe to say that one does not come to Chengdu for the fabulous shopping.  Not unless you have a deep passion for neon-colored plastic wash buckets.

You can though, catch a few views.

Chicken is on someone’s menu tonight.

The wares of this noodle man are deceptively tasty.

Things were crowded but not too crowded though I wish I would have focused a bit more on photos and less on trying to figure out where the dishes were sold.  Had I known we were spending hours seeking out a place selling thousands of identical orange and green melamine plastic plates (as opposed to say, pretty pottery) I would have definitely enjoyed and photographed the journey better.  Alas, lesson learned.  At least there’s always next time.


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