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Some Springtime DC Photos

A stable internet connection has restored peace and balance to my universe, and with it the ability to finally upload all sorts of pictures onto the internets.  Since I never did a proper post about leaving DC, I thought I’d at least share a few photos we have from those beautiful few weeks.

The day we moved out of our house and watched all of our belongings disappear into giant shipping crates was long and tedious.  The unexpected highlight though was the time I spent walking around by our self-storage unit in the fading spring light.  The area is a bit seedy and it’s hard to tell which buildings there are open for business and which closed up shop years ago.  Needless to say it made for some fun and different photos.

A tossed and waterlogged phonebook anyone?

Spring blossoms by the abandoned motel

This building caught my eye and I could not stop taking pictures of it.

A few days after Chris and I finished moving into the hotel, my parents and sister came out for a visit.  It was the perfect opportunity to get a few last “only in DC” photos.

This one’s a little shaky but I like the look of the glowing monument

I love DC.  I think I will always love DC.  I love its sunny streets, its embassies, its history.  I love the zoo and Rock Creek Park and the blue crabs and ice tea.  I love the farmer’s market, the metro, and the nerdy-hipster vibe that pervaded the non-profit circles in which I used to roam.

There is no more I can say about that city without doing an injustice to the one I am currently in (and enjoying quite nicely).  So, I will just say, DC-we’ll be seeing you again soon in just a few short years.


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