1st Post from Chengdu!

So a lack of internet at home means this post will be sans-pictures.  Also means the posting might be light for awhile.  But until I can get back on a regular schedule here are some highlights from the first 2.5 days in Chengdu:

*Chengdu has lots of little parks, with playground equipment…for grown ups.  I’m seriously in heaven.  It’s like a dream come true

*One of our next door neighbors is a gregarious 2 year old who rocks my world.  I’m pretty sure we are going to be BFF.

* There’s a little steamed bun stand on the way to the consulate that I made Chris try with me this morning.  For 1 kuai we got 2 buns full of deliciousness.  I have no idea what was in there but whatever it was, it was fabu.

* Bird songs seem prettier here, dont’ know why but they do.

* We have a yummy dumpling place around the corner from us.  Very tasty.

* My Chinese is awful but people here have so far been very nice and patient with me, its very encouraging.  Interestingly, I seem to have the best time when I’m ordering food.  I think that should be telling me something.

* Thank goodness for the iphone app Qingwen.  Seriously, if you are learning Chinese or moving to China, buy it now.  Our phones don’t work here but I can still use that program to look up characters that I see when I am out and about

* Speaking of characters, I really need to learn how to read.

* Everyone at the consulate is super nice and friendly.  Today I’m going to yoga class at the consulate.  I’m pysched

*Chengdu has a Carrefour and an IKEA.  I’m still sort of shocked.  Making comparisons between Chengdu and the Indian cities I”ve been in is just really not possible yet.

*The movie store next to our house is selling the Pacific HBO miniseries.  The series isn’t over yet in the States. This is awesome.  I have a feeling I’m going to become a movie buff here if only because I’ll be able to buy them before anyone else in the States!

Ok so that’s all I have for now.  More later when I’m back in internet!


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