Ants Invasion

Ohhh we have ants.  And at least one roach.  You know, just to keep things interesting. Nevermind that I just scrubbed the house from top to bottom 2 days ago or that we have almost nothing for these ants to eat in our house.  These ants have moved. in. I don’t mind ants normally.  They … Continue reading

Around Town

Oh What a Weekend! Part 1

If the above doesn’t accurately capture things, it is also telling that I wasn’t able to pull myself into a vertical position until about 8:15am this morning.  Chris and I had one hell of a weekend. I don’t even know where to start but I think, since I’ve been depriving everyone of photos for awhile … Continue reading


Green Tea Sponge Cake

I’m beginning to realize that, if I wanted to, I could write a blog devoted solely to the bizarre and often delectable Chinese dessert creations to be found across the city. I’m not talking about traditional, old school snacks, sold off the back of somebody’s motorbike.  I’m talking about fancy desserts, over the top concoctions … Continue reading


Tuesday in Chengdu

Today I attempted to cook my first Chinese-like dish for lunch at home.  I ended up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. I was probably doomed from the start when I counted on the kong xin and green onions in the fridge to still be all crisp and fresh 2 days after we … Continue reading


1st Post from Chengdu!

So a lack of internet at home means this post will be sans-pictures.  Also means the posting might be light for awhile.  But until I can get back on a regular schedule here are some highlights from the first 2.5 days in Chengdu: *Chengdu has lots of little parks, with playground equipment…for grown ups.  I’m … Continue reading