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The Original Pancake House

Emphasis on the Original. This gem hiding in a Falls Church strip mall IS the original, as at least one prominent sign in the entryway will have you know.

If you like pancakes, this place is your mecca.

Because these are seriously, seriously good pancakes.  The best I’ve ever had.

And if you crave variety and something a little off the beaten pancake path, The O P has it all:

Come at 8:30am and you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast with ample refills of diner-quality coffee.  Come at 9:30am and you can enjoy a moment of gratitude for your currently child-free and fabulous party of two.  After all, while everyone else around you is scampering after young rascals, you and your date will be able to remain blissfully focused on the purpose of the visit: pancakes*.

Or waffles if you are feeling a little rebellious.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.  Sometimes the crowd does know best.

Sometimes your husband knows best.

Though, the waffles really aren’t bad either.

Go eat at the Original Pancake House.  You can thank me later

*To those adults who manage to eat pancakes AND feed little rascals: I salute you.


2 thoughts on “The Original Pancake House

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