Dinner with Friends

Photo by Stephen Voss

Saturday night we somehow convinced a couple of friends of ours to come over for a big Italian dinner and the pleasure of our company for the first time since Chris and I’s wedding day over 8 months ago.

The company was great but my favorite part was spending the whole day in the kitchen with Chris cooking and prepping with absolutely nowhere else we had to be.  We cooked, we danced, we talked, we listened to the radio.  We also managed to whip up a pretty big meal:

Roasted peppers, olives and garlic crostini

Warm Mushroom and Hazelnut Salad

Homemade, wide-cut pasta

Porcini and Sausage Ragu

Limoncello Tiramisu

Pears Poached in Red Wine Sauce

In a big blog fail, I have no photographic evidence of the giant Italian dinner Chris and I made for 2 of our friends on Saturday night.  Well, no photographic evidence except from dessert because when one makes 2 desserts for 4 people, there are always leftovers available for photographing the next day-a split second before Chris and Dani begin to inhale said leftovers.

I’ll post about the desserts over the next few days but first, a word about my husband in the kitchen.

My husband is the kind of guy who grinds his own meat and makes and hand cuts his own pasta because he says it tastes better that way.  I say watching your husband hand cut delicious pasta from his homemade dough is incredibly hot.

Chris doesn’t just grind his own meat and cut his own pasta, he also makes some fabulous dumplings, fabulous homemade marmalade and a terrific loaf of bread.  He’s taught me the fastest, safest ways to chop everything from onions to tomatoes to garlic.  Once in awhile he even gets on a cheese-making kick and then there’s homemade mozzarella all around.

Yes, I am a pretty lucky girl and the kitchen is one of my favorite places to spend time with my husband.

Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of Chris in action this weekend.  Mostly because he moves fast in the kitchen and my pictures get blurry.  But had I been able to take pictures this is what you would have seen:

Chris roasting peppers then stripping them of their skin and rendering them moist, smokey little morsels

Chris making pasta dough on our kitchen counter then cutting it and tossing it in a pile of semolina flour

Chris grinding meat and stirring the sausage and porcini ragu we made for his pasta

Chris doing the dishes because the man is amazing and ALWAYS does the dishes (lest you think I’m getting off too easy, let me assure you that we have a long-standing, “I’ll do the dishes if you do the laundry” arrangement)

I’ll fill you in on the desserts in some upcoming posts and I’m sure that we will make pasta again before you leave and I promise I will document the whole recipe and process in detail.

Until then, just know that I didn’t just marry a great guy, I married a kick ass cook.  Happy Sunday!


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