Some Inspiration

Chris and I are toying with the idea of building a website someday in the not-so-distant future and are having fun looking for inspiration.

Today I fell in love with this site.  Minimalist but interactive and quirky.  It makes you want to stick around long enough to at least find all of the cool elements on the page.  Don’t forget to scroll left and right.

We found it in this big list.  A fun way to spend at least a few minutes (or hours) geeking out on design.

Another aside, have I shared my Chinese name yet?

It was something Chris and his mom wanted me to have after I joined the family and then, after we got posted to China, it closer to a necessity.  If we didn’t come up with a name, I would be given a name as phonetically close to my English name as the Chinese could get.  Da means “big” in Mandarin.  It wasn’t looking good.

So, after a visit to the blind feng shui master, several months of deciphering by Chris’ grandmother, and another week or so of actually learning how to write it, here is my  name’s Hot Pot debut:


It basically means “precious dawn” and is supposed to be a good match with Christopher’s name (金华强), his mother’s name, our future children’s names, etc.  You get the idea.

The other fun part?  Chris now sometimes calls me “zhen zhen”  Literally he’s calling me precious precious. Aww.  On one hand its sweet and on the other hand it reminds me a little of Golum and his quest for the ring.

Web design and LOTR references all in one post?  I better get back to baking before I’m tempted to tell you all about our Settlers of Catan affair too 🙂


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