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From the Land of Mandarin Lessons

In one of those happy accidents of time and place, we’ll be hosting brunch this weekend at our house.  Our house that currently has almost nothing in it after the great Dumm move Part 1.  But, it’s been too long and, though the place is less than ideal for entertaining at the moment, we are looking forward to it.

The menu?

Filled Ebleskivers (I’m thinking we will try savory this time)

Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Scones (becuase I STILL need to make these)

Maybe Cinnamon Rolls (back by popular demand)

Bagels and Lox (because who has brunch without a bagels and lox option?)

Salad (because the above includes some serious gluttony)

Mimosas (because that’s what friends are for)

Our guests will eat with disposable spoons, on an eccentric assortment of antique Chinese chairs and stools and Crate and Barrel benches.  The mimosas will be served in the plastic wine glasses we used at our wedding.  High class all the way.

But before we can start preparing for brunch we have to get through another day of Chinese classes.  Today my class is going to the grocery store for an “immersion trip.”  It’s as if this trip was designed just for me.  Bonus: we are going to our favorite Chinese grocery store.  Sure its for language class but I’ll be doing some serious grocery shopping too.

A few more fun things from langauge class this week:

1. I’ve finally learned how to say “I forgot” “stupid” and “that’s too expensive.”  Chris has also taught me how to say “strange” as in, “my husband’s taste in music is sometimes very strange”

2.  I found this phrase about driving in Beijing: “Yielding to pedestrians and bicycles:
While a good idea in principle…”   “A good idea in principle” always makes me laugh.  I hear traffic is better than India but I’m still keeping my expectations to a minimum.

3. Chris and I had a long discussion about people who learn a language by breaking down sentences grammatically and listening for every word vs. people who focus on knowing a few basic grammar rules by heart, hearing the words they know and figuring out the rest by context.  Chris is one of the latter, I think I am too.  What kind of langauge learner are you?


One thought on “From the Land of Mandarin Lessons

  1. One who sits here reading your blog instead of doing the work I’m here in the language lab to do… Really enjoying it BTW, glad to have finally happened upon it. I was beginning to think that all FS blogs were about play dates and frazzled EFMs. Your photos are beautiful.

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