Our New Family Member

Ha! What did you think I was going to say?  🙂

That’s right.  We bought a new computer.  A big, pretty, new computer.  Before you can even begin to wonder about how we could be such gluttonous consumers, I’m going to say just one thing: we didn’t buy a car.

No we don’t have the cash to buy a car for China like we thought we did but we do have enough to finally invest in a new computer to replace my deteriorating laptop and the macbook commandeered by mama Dumm

You might be asking, “why buy a desktop, where do you live? 1994?”

And I would answer, only at night-when we sleep in Chris’ ratty (but oh-so-comfy) college t-shirts.

Anyways, I’m convinced desktops are going to become the way of the future.  Especially coming off of 3 weeks building spreadsheets on a 12inch screen.  I don’t know about you but after a day emailing on my phone or trying to do spreadsheets on a bitty screen, all I want is to sit in front of a giant screen at a proper desk with a cuppa.


1. Internet + Big Pretty Screen = TV that doubles as a Computer

2. Big Pretty Computer + Internet = Household Network Server

3. Big Pretty Screen = Dani doesn’t go blind trying to edit photos or build spreadsheets on her tiny (and now broken) laptop

4. Big pretty computer + Dani working from home = A good reason to finally get a real desk

In summation: we love our new computer.

Coming soon: a review of Aperture, the free trial version!


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