A Little Break

Ummm sooo, I went a few days without blogging.  Oops.  I swear I have good reasons, namely that I’ve been sick the last few days, our internet was out a lot and umm I’ve somehow morphed into a lazy person.

I’ve always been a supremely busy, on the go person.  Usually I have a few blog posts going, a new recipe waiting in the wings, I’m on my way out the door for a run or, if nothing else, I’m at least getting our laundry done.  If I’m not doing something that feels productive, I feel out of sorts.

So lately I’ve been feeling very out of sorts.  The laundry is piled high, our room is a mess, I haven’t run regularly in over a month and I just went 3 days without blogging.  Out. of. sorts.

I know the cause: a lot of sudden changes, leaving my job, adjusting to a new identity sans regular employment, and quite a few more big changes (hello China!) just a month or so down the road.  It has me all topsy-turvy.  I’m not overly sad nor overly frustrated but more just in a state of numb I think. And I need the solution.

And eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s isnt’ going to cut it I don’t think 🙂

The solution?


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