What to Make with my Meyer Lemon Stash

During our Costco run last weekend, I had one of those “Costco moments.”

You might know what I mean.  You go in to get your toilet paper, your vitamins, your wedding flowers, your wine to bring to 2 years worth of dinner parties in Chengdu (er, maybe that’s just this family) and then all of a sudden, voila!  There’s some in-bulk product or food in front of you that you didn’t know you needed but actually, you really, really do.  Like 10 pound bags of chocolate chips  or a case of Mexican cane sugar- (not corn syrup) sweetened coke.  Or test tubes full of Madagascar vanilla beans.  And at that price! pshh, the item practically becomes a necessity.

I say this all a bit tongue in cheek but this past weekend, I found a real deal: a giant container full of meyer lemons for just 6 bucks.

I remembered when these lemons were all the rage a few years ago and selling for like 3 dollars a piece.  I also remembered a recipe for Meyer lemon shortcakes with Meyer lemon curd from Bon Appetite, among other drool-worthy desserts.  It was a 6 dollar investment I couldn’t pass up.

So into our cart they went and in our fridge they sit, waiting for their moment of glory to come this weekend.

But what should I make with them?  Should I make:

1. Meyer Lemon Shortcakes with Meyer Lemon Curd? (Because a good lemon curd is basically an otherworldly substance)


2. Meyer Lemon Souffle (Because souffles are also pretty otherworldly)


3. Lemon and Blueberry Scones (my mother’s recommendation.  And we should all know that my mother is one of the finest bakers in the land with an eye for good recipes)

Feedback is welcome my friends and those who are willing to sit on the floor in our furniture-less house this weekend are welcome to sample lemony treats.


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