Plans for the First Weekend of Freedom

I woke up at 5:30am this morning under the influence of jet lag and the excitement for my first weekend home without a monstrous event looming over me.  In those wee hours of the morning I made plans.  Oh yes, I made plans people.  I’m so excited for my plans that I feel compelled to share them with you.  My plans include:

Friday night going away party for some A-100/Ashoka friends. I’ll be in a bar, with an adult beverage in my hand, on Friday night.  In other words, I won’t be spending the evening communing with an excel spreadsheet.  I’m excited, Chris is excited.  Here’s to holding a good gin and tonic instead of my laptop tomorrow night!

Trying my hand at Macheesmo’s No-Knead Bread.  I haven’t baked in at least a month and after eating A LOT of roti and chappati, the thought of a thick loaf and a sharp crust is making me drool.

BRUNCH! As I’ve shared on this blog many times now, brunch is my absolute favorite meal.  Just saying the word conjures up images for me of Chris and I sharing a lazy weekend morning stroll, digging into some biscuits at Clydes, enjoying sunny slowness over Eggs Benedict (his) and yogurt/granola or pancakes (mine), walking through Rock Creek park with a croissant and coffee from Open City.  Brunch is when we get to make plans, be silly, talk about what’s up next for us.  Even when things were at their craziest before the event, Chris and I never gave up on brunch.  We even made a  Clydes run (we were the first in the restaurant) the morning I left for India.  That being said, I’m looking forward to brunch with the promise of playing rather than working afterwards.

SLEEPING IN! Have I mentioned how awesome it has been to sleep???

Reading NOT working in a coffee shop!  For months now, Chris and I have spent Saturday/Sunday afternoons in coffee shops slaving away over work.  Not this weekend, this weekend’s lounging coffee belongs to Noble House or a frivolously purchased copy of Bon Appetite or Cooks Illustrated.

Baking something that isn’t bread. For some reason a huge gooey, over the top, chocolate cake sounds perfect. But who to eat it?  Advise (or volunteer) please.

Snuggling.  Because with Chris, it just never gets old.

Making Dinner.  To be Preceded by Going to the Grocery Store.  I can’t wait to go to the grocery store.  Grocery shopping under normal circumstances is a source of happiness for me, grocery shopping after my long hiatus from grocery shopping sounds out of this world.   Given the freakish weather everyone had in DC while I was gone, the whole concept of going to a well-stocked grocery store with parking may be a recently-novel experience for all of you as well.

Planning My “Future.” Because I’m about to be unemployed.  Because I want to make sure that I have some semblance of a career rather than just a hodge-podge assortment of jobs as Chris and I embark on this Foreign Service adventure.  This whole figuring out what I want to do with my life is an interesting process.  Sometimes it involves sitting down and asking myself hard questions, sometimes it involves ignoring the problem by browsing the internet for used camera lenses and recipes.  Sometimes it involves long talks with Chris.  Sometimes it involves some frustrated tears.  In any case, it’s not fitting neatly into any sort of 10 step process that I can package, license and use to become fabulously wealthy.  Darn.  I guess that means I can cross “writing a self-help book” off the list of things I should do with my life too.  🙂

Tomorrow, I’m going to try my hand at changing my name.  Full documentation of the process to follow.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Plans for the First Weekend of Freedom

  1. Congrats on getting in! I do hear that tandem is a good strategy. I passed the written but I think my youth/inexperience counted against me and I wasn’t invited to take the oral. I’m taking it as a sign that there’s something else out there for me to be doing 🙂

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