Moving to the Future

I leave India tonight.  I changed my ticket to avoid getting stuck in yet another freak-DC snowstorm.  I changed it for other reasons too.

No internet for 4 days meant no posts.  There will be some hard posts to write coming up.

This past 3 weeks have been some of the best and worst in my professional life.  The past three days have definitely been some of the absolute worst.  I can write that with little emotion at this point-in fact I feel quite numb.  11 months of work boiling down to just 3 short days feels sort of surreal.  The haze of sleeplessness helps too I guess.

I won’t go into the details yet here, I need some time for reflection.  If nothing else, I’ve learned a great deal.  Important lessons and hard lessons.

I maintain that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have teammates like some of the ones I’ve had on this event.  V. C. A. L. P. C. K. know who they are and I am so, so very grateful to them.  I’m grateful to a few of our amazing volunteers who really just saved us with their good graces and hard work.  I’m grateful to the Fellows I met here.  They made this all worth doing.

I can feel my post-stress illness coming on.  I’ve gone 11 months without getting sick.  Predictably, on the afternoon of this 3rd and final day, my throat is starting to hurt and my muscles are aching.  I’m looking forward getting on a plane tonight and sleeping as much as I can on my way to New York.  I’m hoping the insane amount of fish oil, honey, vitamins and vitamin-rich papaya I’ve been consuming will help insulate my immune system from its own worst tendencies.

Anyways, the session is over, time to listen to some speeches and pack.  Next post comes to you from either Frankfurt or NY!


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