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A Dream

Last night I heard in my dream the sounds of one crash followed by another, repeated over and over.  In my over-tired brain the sound of the first crash was a person’s name, the sound of the second was a person’s travel itinerary to Hyderabad.  I kept trying to hold on to get the itinerary and kept losing it.

I woke up and realized that actually, the rhythmic crashing was the sound of construction being done at 2:30am in the morning on the building next store.

You know you are in India when you don’t even bother to ask why people are using jackhammers at 2:30 in the morning.  You know when you’ve been working too hard when you confuse that sound with an excel spreadsheet.

I turned on the fan and after an hour or so, I fell back asleep.  That puts me at quite a few days in a row with 5 hours of sleep or less.  I’m not counting.  Not yet.

I’m also not counting how many times in the last month I’ve dreamed of an excel spreadsheet.


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