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That bit about keeping my temper??

A few weeks ago I wrote about how much better I am with my temper.

Ha!  All it takes is a couple of guys whose incompetence has cost me my internet connection telling me that “I won’t understand” the technology to make me blow my lid.

3 days I told this guy that he had messed up our IP address and that was the problem with the internet.  3 days he came and told me it was fixed even when I said it wasn’t.

Tonight they finally admitted that he had screwed up the installation he did and guess what?  The IP address weren’t correct.

But they only told me that after they said “well you won’t understand what this is about”

Just try me asshole.

Sure I know India has gender issues but not admitting you made a mistake to the person asking you why you haven’t fixed something goes beyond gender issues.  It speaks to your character.  And someone’s character just wasted a lot of my time and my organization’s time.

I asked the technician what company he worked for and he hesitated, like he didn’t feel like he had to tell me.  But something in my tone must have scared the shit out of him because he did in the end.  I feel badly that I spoke with anger, but at the same time, I don’t.  If your education in how to treat women as customers has to come from me, so be it.  I’m not going to waste my time or money pretending any man knows what he is doing when he so obviously doesn’t.


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