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Work and…

This picture is from when I snuck up on the room around 7:30am this morning because I just knew there would be no more chance to take photos during the day.

Today has been my longest day here so far.  I woke up at 5:30 am and its now nearly midnight and I’m guess I have a few more hours of work to do before I can go to sleep.  Tomorrow, I’ll be up by 6am again and then its meetings and errands all day again.  

It’s nice to be busy, time flies (a little too quickly!!) but less time to take photos, put them up here, call Chris, etc.

Its the last one that I care about the most.  

I wish I had something more enlightening to say.  Today I was called “half Asian” by an Asian (and yes I’m holding onto the pan-Asia thing on purpose).  That felt pretty good.  I was also told how funny it was (in a good way) that here I was, a white girl, showing two Indians how to get around in Hyderabad.  Of course a new city is a new city is a new city, no matter where you come from and I’ve explored this place more in a week than they had ever had time for so it made sense, but also felt good.  I felt like it sort of justified how I spent my time here last week even though it felt so unproductive to me at the time.

This morning my colleague and I walked in KBR park and picked up some bananas and papaya from a stand on the way home.  Ohhh the papaya.  I’ve only ever had really unripe papaya. Unripte papaya tastes like watery carrots-its a profoundly disappointing fruit-eating experience.  Ripe papaya though, as I found out today, is sweet and juicy and unique and so good it’s just a bonus  to think about how much wonderful beta carotene it also has in it for you.   I ate half of it in one sitting.  I love the fruit and the fruit stands here.  It’s one reason I think I’m rooting for a move to India again after China.

I had too much chai with milk today and my stomach hates me.  Interestingly, I never get sick in India, I can eat anything, even drink tap water on occasion with no ill effects.  Sadly though, I think I’m slowly catching my husband’s lactose intolerance.  Yogurt, ice cream, I’m fine.  Give me too much milk and my stomach hurts all day long.  Blah. 

Yes those are the random thoughts of an overtired person.  And now, with ten minutes before my deadline to post everyday, I’m getting back to work.


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