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And its Monday Again

Today was not a triumphant day in the great “Dani in India” saga.

I spent 2 hours doing laundry in my bathroom that didn’t go super well.  I attempted to go walking in KBR park but couldn’t get an auto there.  I accidentally bought expensive (relatively speaking) lotion for the Sahara like climate that is my face here in Hyderabad, instead of the cheaper kind I was looking at.  I took an overpriced auto ride to a restaurant, had to fight with the driver to drive me around to the front of the restaurant instead of making me cross a divided highway (literally there were 2 barriers 3 feet high in the middle) and then pulled on locked doors just to find out the restaurant was still closed.  And damn did I want that steamed dosa.

All of this was my own fault and none of it was particularly awful.  Instead of getting to KBR park, I got to walk around the neighborhood and see a zillion and one cute school children (that they were the reason I couldn’t get an auto does not diminish their cuteness).  My expensive lotion smells pretty.  I should have known the restaurant would be closed instead of hoping that maybe it would be.  And even though the auto driver tried to be a jerk, he did in the end take me where I wanted to go-it just happened to be that it was doomed to be a supremely unproductive endeavor from the start.

I think I’m just very  tired of being here all by myself.  Tired of having to not being able to do work in the afternoon because the guys who work here are taking long naps in the only place the internet works.  Tired of having no one to talk with all day.  Tired of being the only one in the auto who knows where to go.  Just tired of being all on my own  I liked being on my own for a few days, but now it’s starting to wear on me.  I miss my husband like crazy and knowing that I’m here, doing less work than I could be doing in DC where he is only makes it worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Hyderabad, its just lacking in a few things-like my husband, good Chinese/Korean/Japanese food and, until tomorrow, my colleagues.  To say I’m looking forward to their company would be an gross understatement.  I don’t want to scare anyone but I just might give them one great big group hug when I see them.

Some photos from my walk home after the unsuccessful steamed dosa run:

(p.s. I’m sorry none of these pics from India are edited much if at all-save for the black and white cats, Picnik is a little too big to run well on my internet connection and well, Photoshop is still just very far out of my reach)


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