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Day 3 in India

Today was a busy day so no pictures for this post.  Just a few thoughts from the day:

On Fab India:  It’s a 5 minute walk from my guest house, far too convenient.  I bought 2 kurta.  I find its difficult for me to wear more modest Western clothing and not look like a total slob.  Kurtas are a happy medium, they look nicer than my wrinkly button down shirts but I can still wear them back home too.  Hyderabad is different than Chennai was, I think I really could wear whatever I like here but frankly any excuse to wear loose, comfy, clothes is good by me!

On the Call to Prayer: One of the things I like best about India is hearing the call to prayer.  I’m not religious but there is something very reassuring and peaceful about hearing it each of the 5 times during the day.  Especially in the evening.  Always reminds me to be mindful and give thanks.

On Losing Power and Getting it Back:  There are few moments better than when the power comes back on after a blackout.  I don’t mind when the power goes out but the best moment is when you just go about your business anyway and don’t worry about it and then-ta da!  The lights and internet come back on.  Feels like some sort of cosmic gift really.

On the Indian Sore Throat:  Ok, this might just be a just-me phenomenon exacerbated by the dry air here.  Every time I’ve come to India and walked around a lot, I get a scratchy throat from the pollution.  This time is no exception.  I’m also beginning to accumulate all of the weird bites and scratches again that seem to mysteriously pop up after a few days here.  BUT I am also getting a tan in JANUARY so I’m not going to complain one bit! 🙂

On Hindi:  I need to learn some quick.  In Chennai everyone spoke English or Tamil or Tamglish.  I thought everyone here would speak Telegu or English.  Instead its all Hindi and very little English.  I gotta learn a little Hindi quick if I want to be at all effective the next few weeks.


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