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Republic Day in India

Today was Republic’s Day in India.  As such everything was closed and, as luck would have it, the internet went out all day and  my colleague Vishnu had to fly out last night for a family emergency.

In other words I was alone and unable to work-at all.  In other words, I had a day off from work today for the first time in I don’t know how long.

It ended up being lovely.  I went and met an Ashoka Fellow for coffee then walked around the Banjara Hills neighborhood for over 2 hours.  I washed my feet and curled up with a book for a few hours and then ventured out for some dinner a few neighborhoods over.  By the time I was back, so was the internet.

Now that I think of it, I’ll probably still pull down an 8 hour day today between my early morning internet and my internet tonight…hmmm its amazing what my standards for “a day off” have become.

On my walk I heard great music, saw lots of flags, plenty of cute kids and lots of nice people.  I saw a ceremony of some sort in the neighbor’s driveway and watched a bunch of guys push a water-truck up a hill.  I made friends with a few auto drivers when I paid full fare without bargaining but promised that I wouldn’t be so easy next time!  They laughed and it was nice.  It’s interesting coming back to India but to a new city.  Things feel the same but still a little different, or maybe I’m just different.  Here are a few pics from the day:

This is a road side pollution testing station that I saw from across the way:


One thought on “Republic Day in India

  1. Your update on ye olde book of faces pulled me in. I really enjoyed your musings on travelling and how it changes as you mature. Good luck with your conference, and keep writing!


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