Spotlight on Water

My colleagues Wil Kristin and Simon Stumpf are quite the social-change video dynamic duo.  Wil runs the video side and Simon does the voice-overs.  These guys put in a lot of their own time and they are really good at what they do.

Here’s their latest: and interactive, “everyone a changemaker” video about water shortages and solutions in Africa.

They won first place in a Citizens for Global Solutions with that video.

Here’s another one that they made on Darfur a year or so ago that I really like too:

This is the fun side of working in the social sector, taking what you know and what skills you have to share with other people.  People say that our generation is made up of coach-potato activists; we would rather join a Facebook group than protest outside City Hall.  I think that’s probably true but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an important place for videos like these and Facebook petitions and other social media things.  If videos like these got a few more people interested in important problems and solutions everyday, how much more money, time, talent might we have on our hands?


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