An Avatar Haiku

Beautiful effects

Pocahontas story

3-D is something

Let’s be honest.  Its the same old story: foreigner is saved by daughter of chief, learns the ways of the “natives” falls in love with girl, steals girl from promised mate, brings awful tragedy and suffering for his duplicity, comes back to save the “natives,” promised mate and chief  conveniently die saving the people, foreigner is the hero and lives happily ever after.

Not to totally ruin it for you, but its essentially the same story as Ferngully, from circa 1990.  I think they maybe have even stolen lines (though not the super cool early 90’s music)

My image source shares my feelings on the subject I think

So what did I learn after 3 hours + in the theater?

The white guy saving the non-white guy and getting the non-white girl is still a winning storyline among the American people

If Cameron had put even 1% of the thought he put into the stunning effects, language, landscape, etc into the script he would have had an amazing film.

3-D tv is probably the way of the future as soon as people get used to the idea of augmented reality (and wearing special glasses) in their daily lives

I wish I lived on Pandora and was a giant blue-skinned cool chick with a tail and a flying dragon

I wish Pandora could have been saved without the help of the humans, would have made it a more unique and better, oh so much better story-line


2 thoughts on “An Avatar Haiku

    • Good point, as far as effects and action it was a landmark kind of film…I’m just wondering about a sequel-Cameron made up a whole language and taxonomy for just one movie?

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