The No Good, Very Bad Day…

I guess I should just move to Australia…

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Today I:

Broke my laptop

Lost 3 hours of work to a bad connection

Spent an hour booking a flight on Orbitz for Business at which point their system crashed and I had to fight with their customer service

Spent 3 hours packing up my office to move 1 door down for 1 week

Found out my office mate and I were without desks and would have to find our own to take from another office

Got yelled at for taking the “wrong” desk

Forgot to eat lunch

Lost my metro card

Got locked out of my house

Spent 2 hours riding the metro home, back to work and home again

Found out my office has to move AGAIN


Came home, had dumplings, a glass of wine and some chocolate.  Took a conference call.  Bought a new e-book for my new nook nook (I’m in love already, I’ll share the story of how we met soon)

Peace slowly began to reign again

Then, the husband and my MIL came home and the house became warmer and brighter.  Warmer because they turned on the space heater and brighter because they both have a way of lighting up even the most no good, very bad days.

It’s a simple life I have, but generally  a good one.  Maybe I don’t need to move to Australia (just China I think)


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