How To Help Haiti

Haiti can’t catch a break.  A whole country full of fabulous people getting bowled over by Mother Nature every time things seem to be looking up.

Money is desperately needed.  Money to the RIGHT organizations is desperately needed.  What follows are links to links to ways to give money to legit, useful organizations.  If you have any others that I can post on here, let me know.

Let me also just say a big “THANK YOU” to all of the bloggers and organizations that have done all of the legwork to put together this information so quickly for the rest of us.  I have to confess, its moments like these that I MOST love the whole digital, instantaneous, twitter-ing era we live in.

Global Giving: These folks partner with Ashoka and lots of Ashoka Fellow organizations so I know that money is going to good places

Text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation to the Red Cross.  According to Mashable, this campaign has already reached $1 million which is awesome though probably a minuscule amount to what is needed.

Give to Partners In Health.  If you’ve ever read Mountains Beyond Mountains (regardless of your Paul Farmer views) you probably know just how much of your money actually gets to the people who need it: all of it.

Oxfam. These people do crises and, like the Red Cross, have for a long time

Those are my top few for now but this list is definitely not all-inclusive.  If you know of other good ones, send them my way.  I’ll keep looking and update as I find more.  I’m leaning towards organizations who have experience working in crises situations simply because of the unique challenges and demands on people and resources posed by a  crises verses (or in addition to) a chronic situation.   Of course, over the next few weeks and months, Haiti will need both so perhaps that is a mute point.


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