Morning Run

snowy DC

Given that we only just began the 2nd week of 2010, I figured I had better darn well get myself out of bed this morning for my requisite 30 minute, 50% conscious morning run.  Number 2 of 5 for the week and its already Friday.  Oops.

The getting out of our warm cozy bed, the wrestling into 6 layers of clothing, sleepily looking around for my iphone was worth it though when I stepped out into a winter wonderland for the second time in just a few short weeks.

There was a delicate dusting of white stuff everywhere, perched daintily on top of the tree branches and the back gate.  I was one of the first out into the ally this morning and was rewarded with the view above.  A whole ally-way of untouched snow that crunched satisfyingly under my running shoes.

The light is coming earlier and so I made my way a little less hazardously down the road to the zoo for a short morning run.  I stopped every so often to snap a shot on my phone of the sky turning from purple to blue behind the skinny snow-covered trees.  It was delightful.

Of course the snow made for a hazardous first attempt at driving stick during rush hour but I somehow kept Chris and I and the car intact There may have been some panicked shouting in places, but I’m thinking our marriage (and our insurance rate) is better for it 🙂

snow in DC


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