Random News of the Day

1. Found out we made our wedding photog’s blog and he gives a shout-out to Ashoka in it, how cool!  Given how low-key our shindig was we didn’t think he’d put us on his blog but low and behold, there we were.

2. Speaking of photography, as I get antsy waiting for my camera USB cord to come back, I’ve been doing a lot of playing with the camera. Also found this website with some helpful tips and tricks.  some of it is pretty basic but there’s still a lot of gems in here.

3. I’m in love with Corduroy pants.  I once wrongly assumed corduroy’s were the domain of middle-age woman in Land’s End catalogs but nevermore.  They are soft and comfy and warm and the skinny cut one’s look good when paired with my bargain boots from Anthropologie:

Well, hmmm perhaps corduroys look better in person than in this photo but I’m still relegated to taking pics with my phone for the next few days.  Anyways,  I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about corduroy pants but they are always on sale.  Just try it, go to any of your favorite retailer websites and try and see if you can find a sale page without a pair of corduroys on them.

4. Related to corduroys, I might wear my new (final sale) pair when Chris and I head over to Birch and Barley for date night this weekend.  We wanted to try this restaurant on Dec. 19th but that ended up being the same day as The Great Blizzard of 09 so we ate homemade pizza instead.  I promise a full report with photos.

5. Reading this post and the the posts from the last few days has made me realize a few things:

a) I need my camera/cord back NOW

b) I need to bake again SOON

c) I need to stop being a spastic blogger mixing the work talk with the baking with the wedding with the everyday real life.   I swear I’ll find a theme and stick with it…soon…like maybe in 4 months…when we finally move to China 🙂


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