To Hyderabad I go: T-3 weeks and a day

Booked my ticket to Hyderabad today, leaving the 23rd of January and coming back on the 15th of February.

In three weeks I’ll be in 80 degree weather, alone in a new city for 3 weeks of pre-event chaos.  I’ll be in Hyderabad for 3 weeks.  It will be a little lonely I think.  Chris and I aren’t the sort of couple that need much space from one another, 3 weeks away is a long time, at least by our standards.

Having left home for India a few times before though, I’ve learned a few lessons to keep the first few days a little less stressful:

1) Pack at least one change of clothes and a few pairs of clean underwear in your carry-on along with any other essentials.  This comes in handy when your luggage gets lost

2) Bring 6-8 passport photos and copies of your India visa and passport.  You can make copies on any street corner in India but you will need all 3 to buy a SIM card and a cellphone so its nice to have them ready to go.  Might as well get an international calling card while you are at it.  The rates are super cheap and helpful when you just can’t get on Skype.

3) If you aren’t catching a taxi, leave the airport grounds to find your auto-muuuch cheaper.  Of course, getting in at 2am like I will be sort of means you should probably suck it up and get a taxi.

4) For the love of Pete whatever you do, don’t read depressing books like Anna Karenina when you wake up at 2am with jet lag.  Worse idea ever.  Luckily, for this trip, I’ll be test-driving my new Nook that Chris’ mom got me for Christmas.  I’m going to load it up with lots of non-fiction to hopefully keep me unemotional (or perhaps bore me back to sleep :))

5) The first day, despite any urge you might have to lay in your bed all day, take an auto across town and walk your neighborhood, it helps to give you a lay of the land.  Ask around how much a normal auto fare is to anywhere you will likely be going then try and get that fare.  Bonus points if you actually get it.

Being away from Chris for 3 weeks will suck, but at least they will be a busy few weeks I think.  By the time I get back, Chris and I have only 7 weeks to pack up, see friends, and eat A LOT of (non Chinese) food before we head out for Chengdu, China.

Apologies again for the lack of pictures the last few days.  My camera USB cord should be en route to DC within a few days.  How I’m missing!

Sweet dreams and good night!


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