Julia and Julie and Cranberries in bed

After a fabulous meal of hot pot leftovers (post coming when I can get my photos off of my camera) Chris and I and Chris’ Mom sat down to watch Julie and Julia…or Julia and Julie…whichever way it goes.

The movie was good, though I have to confess, I enjoyed the Julia Child story line better-reminded me none too little of what I hope Chris and I’s lives will be like in just a few short months. Bonus points that Julia Child loved Chinese food.

The Julie Powell storyline was more unnerving, less enjoyable. If nothing else, it reminded me that a blog, is a blog, is a blog-it is no substitute for taking long walks, cooking Hot Pot, finding new trails to run, learning to drive stick and snuggling in bed with Chris.

In short, along with vowing to blog everyday, I suppose I also vow to not let blogging get in the way of real life, my fabu life, and the adventures yet to be had by Chris and I.

Which I suppose also means I should get to the cranberries in the title of this post, which will then bring me to the end of this post and back to the cute guy reading his science fiction paperback next to me.

Lately I’ve had a ridiculous obsession with dried cranberries. I started out innocently baking them into biscotti, then sprinkling them into my morning oatmeal, then moved on to a pre-oatmeal handful or two before a morning run. I’ve since realized they are the perfect snack for a hypoglycemic person like myself to munch on morning, noon, and night. Those little tart-sweet ruby red gems are just too good to say no to.

Hence, Chris just crawled in bed and found a cranberry from last night’s midnight pre-New Year ‘s ball drop fix. Sure I have a problem, but so does Costco. Who do they think they are selling me 6 pound bags at such an amazing price?

So with a cranberry now out of our bed and two sleepy people now in it, I bid you good evening and sweet dreams.


One thought on “Julia and Julie and Cranberries in bed

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