Botanical Gardens of DC: or Playing Tourist in My Own City

This past weekend, my parents came to visit and FINALLY we did the good touristy thing and went down to the Mall to see all of the museums.  I got photo-weary after the first (the botanical gardens) but I’m sharing the pics anyway as long as I’m still procrastinating on my Komi review (which in the past week has grown into a monster 3 part post and philosophical essay on food-eesh)

So here is why the Botanical gardens are the PERFECT place to go on a cold, dreary Saturday.  Feast your eyes.  Drink in the color.  Imagine how nice and WARM it was hanging out in the indoor jungle.

red and yellow rose

birds of paradise

orange and red flowerpowder puff pink flower

purple and pink spikey flower

purple and pink flower

tiger and purple orchids

white and yellow flowerpurple orchid

purple orchid


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