Pork Tenderloin w/ Pomegranate Sauce: A Recipe (& an inadvertant ode to Momofoku Pork Buns)

pork with sauce
The photo above represents physical evidence of what happened in the Chris & Dani household last night.

We cooked.

It was glorious.

That pork tenderloin I mentioned a few weeks ago? We finally rubbed it in spices, seared it in a pan, and made a pomegranate reduction to spoon over the top. Oh and we made our pickles, because well, our creativity ended with the pork and I require some vegetable on our table, even if it is dripping in sesame oil, soy sauce and vinegar. Luckily for us, the pickles and pork paired perfectly together (I’m noticing a pattern) and more on this in a second.

We found our blueprint on Epicurious, its a quick and easy recipe from Gourmet a few years back. It was the only one that popped up when we typed in “Pork” and “pomegranate.” Making the tenderloin made us realize that such “choice” and (expensive) cuts of meat aren’t necessarily our favorite. We missed the flavor and the fat. Perhaps a different cut of meat would have been more flavorful. Another change we would make if we were making this again would be to forgo the cumin, and maybe even the cinnamon and coriander when creating a rub for the pork. The cumin sort of just overwhelmed the porky flavor. And that porky flavor is important to us, if you can’t tell its pork, why not just make tofu?

The pomegranate sauce on the other hand was sooo easy and fantastic. We spooned it on like it was candy…or something else that makes more sense with pork.

Then that husband of mine with a history of trying weird food combinations, put a piece of our pork into some French bread, poured on some pomegranate sauce…and then added our Chinese pickles.

It was one of those moments that could have easily gone either genius or genuinely disgusting. The balance tipped in favor of genius. It was like a Chinese pork bun but with some random cumin and pomegranate flavors thrown in. And it rocked.

So yes, make this recipe for the pork (sans cumin maybe) but also consider making some pickles, picking up some white bread with a nice soft and moist interior, and putting it all together for the weirdest but oddly satisfying pork sandwich you’ll ever have.

pork bun


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