Some Thoughts on Moving & Packing

When the guy who answers the phone at the moving company says “your move will take about 2-3 hours tops” budget for 8 hours. 8 Looooong hours.

When you are packing up your life into boxes and you come across 10 packages of rice noodles, the correct course of action is to GIVE THEM AWAY. Especially when you are moving to CHINA, land of rice noodles. Why we have a living room filled with Asian food products right now, I have no idea.

Its best to live with someone who can give the sorts of hugs that tell you “someday order and not utter chaos will reign in our house again.” I know because I’ve been getting them from Chris like 4 times a day lately. Those are what’s getting me through right now. Well, those hugs, and the eventual China move, and my decision to completely deny the existence of our box and plant and Asian-noodle-filled living room.

When you think you will make really great meals and take really good photos and write really fabu blog posts about said really great meals, realize that you are deluding yourself. Instead, take a deep breathe, grab your coat and venture out into the world of restaurants and take-out.


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