Homemade Goodness Postponed by Fabu Oyster Shooters

Sooo those big plans I had for pork tenderloin and spaghetti squash and cauliflower and homemade bread? Ummm, yea, well let’s just focus on the positive: I had 2 Amy’s and some delicious Oyster shooters this weekend?

The homemade goodness so did not happen. But they were really fabulous shooters. Totally makes up for it in my book.

And instead of staying home and baking on a Friday night (not that I ever do that…) Chris and I picked up some really wonderful friends from Bombay and Delhi who were in town just for a few days for work. Our friend Tinnie from Bombay loves Italy and all food Italian so 2 Amy’s was the obvious choice. After a few glasses of wine at Eunology accross the street (I was sort of underwhelmed, it was ok) we sat down in my favorite restaurant of all time.

The first time Chris took me to 2 Amy’s it was one of those quasi-religious food experiences. It was loud, it was homey, and it was fabulous. One bite of the burrata and I all but melted into a pool of love and food worship. He claims I didn’t speak to him for 10 minutes but instead just moaned softly and stared at my plate, overcome by the bliss of it all.

Its true, but I digress. Suffice to say that the food was wonderful as always and the company was outstanding. We laughed and talked about India and work and friends and life. Its funny how it is with friends you only get to see for a night or two at a time just once or twice a year. Things sort of pick up right where you left off and its perfect in that bittersweet kind of way. After we dropped them off at their hotel, Chris and I looked at each other and renewed our goal again to somehow get posted in Bombay after China. We need a homecoming to India methinks.

Saturday night was our friends’ wedding. The ceremony was (please forgive me) all Greek to me. Lots of talk about fertility and lots of Chris and I snickering. Oops. It was nice though, in that Church wedding way. The reception, on the other hand, was fabulous. I don’t know how they pulled off so many wonderful details in such a short time, but everything from the chairs to the napkins to the desserts to the place was perfect. Who knew that Lucite dining room chairs, peacock feathers, and shades of silver, purple, gold, black, and teal could go together in such a dark, beautiful, sophisticated way? And they had those Oyster shooters-yum.

Sunday the power went out and we spend the day packing up our apartment and satisfying my craving to color-code and organize our belongings. (Green=going to China, if you must know) We went through 2 giant rolls of that packing plastic wrap stuff and I got to use ALL of the new Sharpies I bought for the occasion.

Which brings us to this week. On the 4th we’ll celebrate our 4th month wedding anniversary (celebrate the small stuff baby) by officially moving the last of our stuff out of our apartment and into the living room of our house. I’d say things will slow down but they won’t and that’s good and happy. We close on our apartment next week, we’ll celebrate Chris’ birthday, my parents will come to visit, and we’ll host our Thanksgiving Orphan’s Feast before a long weekend down in Charlottsville.

And then it will already be almost December! Time for taffy-pulls and Christmas parties! Viva la holiday season!


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