What I would be Cooking This Week (Around the Internet)

origami, elephant, money
Wouldn’t it be great if every great recipe you see on a food blog came with a button that you could click and bam! Out popped a sample? Of course, trying things out for yourself is always more fun, but sometimes, I’d really dig a sample, or maybe 20. Which I guess then would qualify as more of a meal, which I guess would mean we wouldn’t have to cook that night. Which is probably what I was really getting at in the first place.

This week has been crazy with work and things are probably going to continue to be bat sh*t crazy until we leave for China in April. Chris has to get himself fluent in Mandarin and I have to learn Mandarin + plan and organize a 250 person learning event in Hyderabad, India.

So, we have a new routine. Leave the house for work by 8, get home at 6:30. Make or forage for a quick dinner then head upstairs for a few more hours of work on the couch with Good Eats playing softly in the background.

In some ways, its quite nice. If you have to be working 14 hours a day, you might as well have someone you love working right there next to you.

On the other hand, we’ve become lazy cooks because of it. Like, “oh let’s just have cereal for dinner” lazy cooks because there is just so much else to do. We know. It’s bad. Inevitably, my stomach starts gurgling as we work up on the couch and I watch glance up from my work to see the delicious things Alton Brown is conjuring up. In the end, we go to bed vowing that tomorrow, yes definitely tomorrow, we will eat real food for dinner.

I think better planning is probably the answer but until we become more organized, here’s what I’m craving from the internet:

I’m super curious about this one: the cauliflower from Smitten Kitchen. I HATE cauliflower, it was the one vegetable in India that I always ate out of politeness or hunger rather than genuine veggie love. But this recipe was invented specifically to convert a fellow cauliflower-hater and it has that sweet-savory-briny flavor thing that I love with the raisins, capers and almonds. It is still cauliflower though, magic internet sample button please!

Macheesmo’s Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
After my big pumpkin muffin fail, I’d like to try my hand at these delectable-looking treats.

Arugula File’s Braised Kale The other night at Cork I practically inhaled a dish of the Kale and Parmesan and remembered why I love this mysterious leafy green.

And finally because long ago, at the tender age of 14, I vowed to become the undeniable expert of chocolate chip cookies, I want to try this recipe (or should I say technique?) out from A Mingling of Tastes.

This weekend some great friends are getting married (then promptly moving to Mongolia which, I guess come April, will make them practically neighbors on some level). The available shopping and cooking time will be a little lean but that pork tenderloin in the fridge and that forlorn looking spaghetti squash on the counter WILL get turned into delicious meals. I swear. Hell, maybe I’ll even get ambitious and pick up some cauliflower.

What are the meals you turn to when your low on time and staples?

p.s. the photo up top doesn’t necessarily represent how much I would pay for a magic internet sample button but I just thought it was cute. Chris likes to fold money into origami for waitstaff at restaurants, or in this case, the Park Service at Great Falls. We can’t decide whether its annoying or amusing for people on the receiving end, what do you think?


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