What if? Top-Chef Inspired DC Foodie Challenge?

Picture 091
I was over at the fabulous Arugula Files blog today reading about Mary’s practice of dreaming up what she would do in a Top-Chef quickfire challenge.

It made me laugh, and it also made me think. How many of us in the DC area dream up and debate what we would do if we were on Top Chef? Its one of my favorite conversation topics, what if it could happen in real life and for a good cause?

So I’m thinking, how fun would it be to have a friendly, Top-Chef inspired event? Foodie bloggers and food lovers brought together for a night of quick fire challenges with all proceeds going to charity and maybe even Top Chef contestants from the area sitting as the judges of our attempts at high cuisine? I’m envisioning an event high on hilarity and good fun…and we can have 2 Amys take out number at the ready should the reviews of our foodie attempts be less than favorable.

I’m really getting into this idea. Now, can it happen before we leave for Chengdu in April?

p.s. the photo at the top is of my attempt at pan-fried dofu the other night. It was not so bad, but could have been improved with a touch less soy sauce in the marinade. If you want to improve upon the attempt, try marinating pressed extra-firm dofu in (a little) soy sauce, (a little) brown vinegar, some sesame oil, some ginger and/or garlic and ground ma-la peppercorns. Then, sear in a very hot wok until you get some nice crispy edges.


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