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Fall Leaves in Wisconsin

Picture 073

In between recipes, I had to slip in a few photos of the fall leaves in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is beautiful. The woods are different in Wisconsin (less underbrush I think than in the Mid-Atlantic) they are more tall trees and clear woods, less hills and more pines. I like them both but will always have a soft spot for the Wisco woods.

Wisconsin is also COLD. Poor Chris has yet to visit the state and not see fuzzy white precipitation falling from the sky. We specifically planned our trip for OCTOBER in hopes that Chris would get to experience the glory of Indian Summer in Wisconsin, but instead we got rain and snow. With us leaving for China in April, it will be at least 2 years before he has a shot at being in Wisconsin and wearing shorts at the same time.

It was so cold on our trip that we slept under 2 down comforters and I nixed my over-enthusiastic plans for a long photo shoot outside of the pretty leaves. So instead, here are a few photos taken with everything in point-and-shoot mode in between shivers. At least the cold meant more time in front of the fire with a bowl full of gumbo…

Picture 068

Picture 074

Picture 076

upright flowers

Picture 078


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