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Heading to the Homeland

friday fall leaves

This picture from the Shenandoahs last weekend, reminds me of a happy Friday morning, like this morning was. Chris and I got up, went for a quick run through the zoo, and then packed our weekend bags! for our trip home to Wisconsin tonight!

I don’t remember the last time I’ve looked so forward to going home to Wisconsin, home of my family, my cat Freckles, frigid temperatures, and lots of cows. Maybe its the fall weather, maybe its the last few stressful weeks at work, whatever it is, I’m literally counting down the hours till we get on the plane (where we will undoubtedly make conversation with the strangers around us–because that’s what Midwesterners do–shocks the hell out of me every time I come home from the East).

And because we are flying to the Midwest on Midwest airlines, there will be warm chocolate-chip cookies to eat during our conversations with strangers–because that’s what Midwest does. Sure they’ll charge you for checked luggage but they’ll still serve you a warm chocolate-chip cookie after takeoff. I heart this practice very much, please don’t ever stop Midwest.

And since my mom has been planning the food portion of our visit home for weeks, there will undoubtedly be great food photos and recipes from the weekend. I hear that there’s an apple pie, made with apples from my Grandfather’s land, and a blueberry-lemon coffeecake with my name on it already.

Home is where the people never change, they just get older. I know who I’ll see if we go out to a downtown pub on Saturday night, where we will eat if we stop in my college town of Madison. I know what my Dad will have to say about his work and who will be working at the coffee shop on our way into town.

It all turns me into a ridiculous sentimental ball of sap. As happy as I am to have ended up in DC, and as excited as I am to be moving to Chengdu, (and after that, who knows where) there’s always a small part of me that’s drawn to home. I’ve spent so much of the last few years of my life living in new places, meeting new people, and now, joining a new family. Going home means returning to a place where I’m totally, deliciously comfortable, even though I know I’m not meant to stay.

So prepare for an onslaught of Wisco pictures and recipes and a little bit of Badger pride to spill out onto this blog over the next few days. Home, here we come!


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