DC Food Blogger Happy Hour II Tonight!

Blogger Happy Hour 2

I don’t know if my minuscule (but wayy full of awesome) readership and intermittent recipe posts qualify me as a foodie blogger but if YOU are a foodie blogger, I highly recommend heading over to Common Wealth in Columbia Heights tonight for some beer and good eats.

Afterward you can top off your night of foodie-ness with an evening of Top Chef goodness. Maybe peruse the Thanksgiving addition of Bon Appetite and get hungry all over again. Which, by the way has inspired me.

If we can’t get away from DC (this is a big IF), Chris and I are considering making a glorious Thanksgiving feast in Mt. Pleasant for all of our fellow Thanksgiving orphans with families in far away places like Munich, Wisco, and Sarajevo. It will be one of those over-the-top show-off feasts that Chris and I love to do once in awhile so we will need plenty of people around to eat up. Let us know if you are in. Bring your friends, your lovers, your neighbors because Thanksgiving among friends (especially those with good foodie tastes) is always better than eating alone.


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