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A Return to the Woods: Fall Hiking in the Shenandoahs

Picture 049

I have pictures and a pickle recipe coming up, I swear but first I had to share some pics from our hike yesterday in the BEAUTIFUL Shenandoahs.

In the summer, the swimming holes along this hike make for a fun distraction. In the fall, the frigid pools along the falls are great for reviving aching, hot, tired feet. This time we also saw a rattlesnake which was awesome (and a little scary). I wanted to get a picture but getting away with arms and legs still intact was nice too.

This is a super popular hike so its best to get there early, but if you want the full scoop, check out the always-fabulous Hiking Upward’s info here.

Picture 041

Picture 043

Picture 047

Picture 038

On a side note, Its rare that Chris and I don’t make time to go on day hikes and quick camping trips, we get crabby when we don’t, for some reason its that important to us. Some of its about the ritual (grabbing an Open City coffee and a City paper on the way out for me to read aloud in the car, listening to Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, stopping at a very specific horrific shopping center on the way out to pick up whatever we forgot at home, getting a fast-food fix in on the way home).

And some of its about taking the time out to enjoy being outside together, walking and talking about everything we might not have time to in everyday life. Chris asked me to move in with him while we were hiking. We planned our whole wedding during a weekend of camping. We talk about hypothetical vacations and situations, just for fun. Sometimes we just talk about nothing but the leaves in the trees.

Anyways, pickle pictures/recipe coming soon! Till then, check out Hiking Upward and all of their great hikes to try before Fall is over.


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