Lunch when I work from Home

Wilted arugula salad
I’m not working from home today but I wish I was.

As much as I love the camaraderie of the office and my lovely friends there, there is something truly lovely about working in sweatpants on our balcony, drinking a cuppa blueberry tea and tuning out email and every other distraction to just get some work done. Besides the productivity factor (and the chance to exchange my commute for getting a few extra loads of laundry done) my favorite thing about working from home is lunch time.

In the office I eat at my desk, usually something cold and only borderline appealing. At home, I use lunch as a short break to stretch, do some chopping and make myself a hot meal.

Lately my favorite quick and easy lunch at home technique involves little more than sauteing some garlic in a pan (sometimes with a little bit of turkey sausage for extra protein) then throwing in a pile of lovely bitter arugula for just about 45 seconds or so, to get things warm and just a touch wilt-y.

arugula in a pan

I finish it off with some grated Parmesan, a squeeze of lemon, and if I’m feeling really luxurious, a pinch of the truffle salt I gave Chris for Christmas last year. (The best gifts just keep on giving, I always say)

Its a five minute, healthy, hot lunch, yum.


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