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Wedding Pictures from our Ethnically Ambiguous Americana Wedding

I apologize for the weird order to these recaps but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, which in this case pertains to which random assortment of photos I have at my fingertips: the ones from the very end of the night.

In case you can’t tell from these photos, I heart(ed) our wedding day. I know we’ll remember the wonderful feelings from that day forever and I hope recapping it means that when we are old and looking back, we’ll still remember what actually happened too.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Stephen Voss

We danced:

He dipped me:

We may have even danced a little Bhangra:

Our friends danced

My Dad shared some life lessons

My girl Lennon made our night

And of course Chris and his sister took that shot they’ve been planning for years

Apparently it was not so tasty

That’s the end of the night, it was over so fast, but perfect timing. Chris and I can be sort of old people and by midnight or so, we were dragging and ready for bed. We helped pick up a little bit, we hugged our rents goodnight and thank you, got in our car (sans signs and tin cans) and drove home holding hands like we always do.

I don’t think Chris carried me over the doorstep (we did that when we went and got the paperwork done a few weeks earlier) but we had fun pulling out all of my bobby pins and teasing out my hair to truly Halloween-ish proportions. A quick shower and quick shimmy into a set of Chris’ soft old tshirt pajamas and off to bed we went.

A little anti-climatic? Maybe but we were way, way too happy to care. We’d actually pulled off the whole wedding thing. There were no adorable DIY details, no letter press anything. I bought my dress off the rack 2 weeks before the wedding, we printed our invitations on my work printer, and used some sidewalk chalk and magic markers the morning of for whatever signage we needed. But with minimal planning and lots of help from ‘rents and friends we pulled off a backyard wedding that we actually had fun at, and hopefully everyone else did too.

Soon I’ll get around to the whole ceremony, dinner, photo session, etc…you know, the fun stuff 🙂 But the end is a good place to start I guess since it was really just the beginning of this whole marriage thing.

And the funny (and awesome) thing is, as great as this day was, everyday since has been even better. I’m a big fan of the husband and of the whole married thing.


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