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Adams Morgan Day!

Ok, I”ll admit, this is actually a post to show off the awesomeness of the new camera again. Adams Morgan Day was fun, a bit quieter than I expected, but still a lot of fun. I’m still a bit put out that I wasn’t allowed into the kid’s bungee trampoline queue but I’ll get over it.

What’s important though, was that the food and the people watching was fantastic. I love that about street festivals. Apparently no matter where you go, live music, fried food, and meat on a stick make everyone’s day. Add in the the smell of the greasy smoke wafting overhead, the overheard snippets of intrigue, the haggling, the tents, and its an all out sensory party. (By the way, did anyone else see the older gentlemen in the neon pink hotpants?)


(I love that my new camera allows for play-by-play gastronomy-that was some tasty meat on a stick!)


2 thoughts on “Adams Morgan Day!

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